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September 8, 2015

Do you ever wonder what your rental or mortgage
dollars are worth in other parts of the world?

This tiny one-room Manhattan studio is available for $1,500 a month:
 View from the other end of the room:
Wonder if that includes the ladder to the 'loft.' 

The cheapest apartment in Beverly Hills "90210"
is a one room studio for $1,600 a month:

A two room flat in the Notting Hill area of
London can be leased for $3,200 a month:

Do you know where Najma, Qatar is?  Me,
either, but it sure is expensive to live there:

For $7,500 a month you can have a
view of an actual tree:

 A studio apartment in Copenhagen rents for about $3,200 per month:

Several blocks north of Nob Hill in San Francisco you'll find
remodeled one-room studio apartments for just over $4,000/month:

$1,400 a month will get you a two room
apartment in downtown Moscow:

The bedroom measures 8' x 10' - that's a lot bigger than the
Hong Kong apartment the two roommates are sharing!

In Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania, this adorable cottage rents for $900 a month:

It looks like a doll house, doesn't it?

Of course, I saved the Most Expensive Place to Live last.

That's right - two roommates share a 40 sq. ft.
'closet' for almost $500 a month.

Location.  Location.  Location!

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  1. WOW! Makes us grateful to live in the good ole USA, doesn't it?