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September 22, 2015

A Repurposeful Tuesday?  What is the world coming to?!

Upcycled wall art has been on my little mind for quite a while.
The only way to purge it?  Well, post it, of course.

This photo is Repurposeful Perfection - the refinished
old cabinet doors are utterly beautiful.  Simple and elegant.

This is a perfect example of a clever piece of art - reusing distressed
boards with a play on words, accenting the antique hay rake.

Sorry the picture is blurry but you get the idea - a pack of antique
playing cards was mounted inside an old window and trimmed out
with a vintage tape measure.  Ingenious!

Who says wall art can't be useful?  This old window, coupled
with a piece of chicken wire, makes the perfect message board.

A piece of salvaged cabinetry and an old board showcase pieces
of a family's antique dinnerware and cutlery.  Charming.

Etsy Vendor
The door from a vintage Jeep is waiting to be hung in a Man Cave.  Imagine
the conversations this piece will generate.  Isn't that what art is all about?

Etsy Vendor
Wall art can spark fond memories - this is the grill
of an old Volvo framed with antique barn wood.

Tip:  Surprise your spouse with a unique one-of-a-kind gift.
Go to a salvage car yard and look for a grill, steering wheel
or door like the kind from your love's first car.
What can you do with outdated college textbooks?
Mount them in your office!

Such an elegant way to display a trophy:
Don't you love the simple cedar shingle board?

Whether painted or left natural, antique tin tiles are beautiful.

A perfect example of how sophistication can be simple:

Antique mirrors provide a patina that can't be
duplicated in any other type of art.

If you're considering a purchase of a wall hanging for your home,
take a risk and step outside the box with repurposing.
After all, normal is so over rated!