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September 25, 2015

Before & After, before and after, BEFORE AND AFTER.
Who has time for Before & After?

We do!  On this Before & After Friday I'm going to share a few
makeovers that involve ordinary homes.  We can all relate to that.

A plain blank room was rich in sunlight because of the
numerous windows and the fireplace had potential:


This family room needed an update:
There really aren't adequate words to describe how
much I love the wainscoting on the ceiling.

This tiny powder room was fine:
But now it has a BIG personality.

The white blandness of this bathroom is blinding:

So serene now.

A boxy bedroom, before:
 The same bedroom, after:

When I saw this before, I thought, "The room looks pretty good to me."
And then I saw the after:
Lesson learned:  subtle changes can make a huge difference.

Parquet floor.  Track lights.  Mirrored wall.
I miss the 70's:

Such a sophisticated difference.  Bye-bye, 70's.

The only thing I like about this dining room
is the crown and baseboard molding:

Gasp!  Stunning, isn't it?

Take a look at this dreary, dark dining room:

This makeover is amazing but I would have replaced
the ceiling return vent.  Or spray-painted it.

I'm sorry these next two photos are so
small but you get the picture:

If we hadn't seen the after photo we'd probably think the before
was okay.  Compared to the after it seems so dark and moody.

I would go so far as to say this farmhouse
eat-in kitchen area was dismal:

Now it's delightful!

I feel claustrophobic looking at this crowded room:

What a difference!  Removing that Titantic-sized
TV helped as did using a cheerful color palette. 

This transformation shows what you can
do with an ordinary apartment or condo:

It's often easier to start with a blank canvas:

Although rather boxy, this living room had good bones:
Make that great bones!

Of course, I saved my favorite for last.  Why, you may
ask, is this room my favorite?  Because it's so normal:

Right?!  I feel as if I'm at the beach.  Lovely.

Go out and have a great weekend.  Take a walk through crunchy
leaves and dodge the acorns as they fall off the trees.

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  1. Some beautiful makeovers here - and I think my favourite is the last one :)