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May 27, 2015

This is my kind of girl!

An ingenious young lady made her sister's prom dream come true.
She made her a $6,000 pair of shoes for less than $40!  

Her inspiration - Christian Louboutin heels:

Here's what she did:
■  bought a pair of high heels for $25 at an outlet 

 ■  spray painted them

 ■  taped around the soles

 ■  painted the soles red and, when dry, coated them
with a layer of polyurethane for shininess

 ■  organized three sizes of blue rhinestones
(3mm, 5mm, & 6mm)

 ■  lined the edge with the 3mm stones

■  then glued till her eyes almost crossed! 

(drum roll, please!)

The results:

So, what do you think?

Yeah, she nailed it.

Let's nominate this savvy young lady for Best Sister in the World!


  1. Very impressive, indeed a great sister.

  2. I second the nomination. How creative !

  3. Talk about Sister Love....she did nail it...can't tell the difference, and what a day to remember for her sister.

  4. Lots of work - yeah - sister of the year!!!

  5. Holy cow!! That is some serious gluing with all those crystals. I wonder if the gloss on top of the red made them slippery?

  6. Best sister in the world and what a great job she did !
    But for me, Louboutins or not really awful shoes.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. What an awesome sister! The shoes came out beautifully, too.