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May 5, 2015

Have you ever heard of a bodkin or a bodkin case?

In a sewing context a bodkin is a small blunt needle-like instrument
used for pulling tape or ribbon through a casing or hem.  Every lady's
maid kept one handy and, of course, she needed a case in which to store
it.  Antique cases are imminently collectible, especially the ones made
from precious metals, porcelain, bone or wood.

ca 1759-1772

This late 19th century sewing kit contains a
silver bodkin and case, bottom left corner.

This 19th century bodkin case is carved out of ivory.

An 18th century French silver and mother-of-pearl bodkin case.

A rare treasure - this antique bodkin case from
the 1700's contains the original rusted bodkins.

This Victorian wood needle case is about the size
of a chess piece.  Note the pin cushion on the top.

A needle case carved out of bone.

18th century hand painted enamel bodkin case

French silver case, ca 1890

Dating to before the Civil War, this bodkin case
is made from agate, silver and turquoise. 

This antique sterling silver bodkin case
features a beautiful monogram.

The silver mark dates this French needle case to the mid 1800's.

An expensive type of collectible, antique bodkin cases are quite rare and
need to be authenticated before being purchased. Happy hunting!


  1. I have one but didn't know what it was until now. These are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Something you needed and also Art.

    cheers, parsnip