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May 4, 2015

Good Monday morning!  I'm excited to share some
clever repurposing ideas for our feathered friends.

A used outdoor light fixture found at a thrift shop makes a perfect
feeder.  Remove the wiring and glass and then just spray paint.

A pretty plate glued to a vase makes a petit Victorian bird bath.

The curved spoon hook adds a darling touch.

Craft stores sell plain bird houses that can be
painted and embellished with household gadgets.

Yes, there are a myriad of items in your house that
can be repurposed into bird-friendly accessories.


  1. Jan ~ I am so in love with this blog today! Such beautiful treasures... I've got to make one of the feeders! Thank you.

  2. Some great imaginations at work here.


  3. They are all lovely and to think that they were repurposed makes them even better.