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February 24, 2015

 were they thinking?

Most of us have probably made a few questionable decorating
decisions over the years but today's bloopers are epic.

Ah, the smell of chlorine in the morning.

This suite has to be in Las Vegas.  The casino is betting (see what I did
there?) that you'll spend more time gambling than trying to get to sleep:

What really freaks me out is the menu headboard.

The homeowners who chose these staircases
obviously don't have small children:

You know how much I love repurposing
and DIY projects.  But, no:

Maybe this homeowner is a podiatrist?

Gas masks, skeletons, grenades . . . what?

I get it.  Patchwork fabric is edgy but does it have legs?

A carbon fiber chair line dubbed Sculpture.

With matching light fixture:
(Looks like a really big roll of toilet paper.)

If you can't sleep you can count globes:
I'm kinda' diggin' the Darth Vader lamp shade, though.

Think about it.  Someone spent hours at the draft board sketching this egg light fixture then someone spent hours making a mold then someone spent hours making one then someone spent hours wiring it then someone spent hours creating packaging for it then someone spent hours marketing it then someone spent hours convincing the homeowners that it was an investment in modern architectural art.  That's a lot of hours just for us to make fun of it.  Hahaha.

The perfect Christmas gift for your chiropractor:
Or, optometrist.

A studio 'chandelier' created from numerous desk lamps:
I have arachnophobia so this is a NO for me.

And look - someone bought one for their dining room:

It also comes in white:

As art?  Maybe.
As wallpaper?  No.

I don't care what type of furniture you put
in front of it, this wallpaper is painful.

There's also matching fabric:

Hooo thought this was a good idea?

I'm always asking, "Where's my phone?"
Now I could say, "Where's my desk?"

This is a child's room?
A few squares are seriously inappropriate.

This stairwell gives me vertigo.

I truly feel sorry for the poor soul
who had to hang this wallpaper.

Can't imagine shuffling into this bathroom early in the morning.

Once Upon A Time is a great television show.
I just don't know if it's a great design line.

At first glance I thought that maybe the homeowners
ran out of money while building their new house:
But, no, they intentionally used composite
plywood for the bathroom walls and cabinets.

How do you like this tub?

Seriously.  It's a tub.

Yep.  That's sand and grass.  And a
pterodactyl nest hanging over the bed.

A professional decorator created this one-of-a-kind living room.
Imagine what that money could have bought at a flea market.  
The star burst 'art' over the fireplace is composed of Barbie dolls
in swimsuits.  I know.

And, lastly:
Possibly from the Hannibal Lecter design line?

Now, don't you feel better about your decorating choices?


  1. Oh gag me.... just awful but I bet you had fun picking out the very bad from the bad !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. It reminds me of the Ugly Lamp Contest.
    By the way, I look forward to!!