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February 11, 2015

Hands down, you're going to LOVE today's post.

With Valentine's Day around the corner
who wouldn't feel romantic looking at
these gorgeous antique rings?

Antique rings such as this 1900 French cocktail ring are becoming
harder to find.  As taste and style change over the years, many rings are
'harvested' for the gemstones and gold to create new rings. Sad.

This European ring, circa 1890, recently sold for less than $3,000
which is about what a new diamond ring of this size would cost.

This English Victorian cluster diamond ring measures 2.5 carats and is
priced at $5,900 - less than you would pay for a new ring of that weight.

Not too long ago this 14 Kt gold Art Deco ruby and pearl filigree
ring sold for $616 - still out of my price range but it seems reasonable.

Stunning in its simplicity, this 14 kt ring
from the 1920s is priced at $295.  

Here's a similar ring from the same period
for $175 - it pays to comparison shop.

This 14 kt Art Deco wedding set is priced at $149
with free shipping.  Click here for the details.

What an unusual 14 Kt white gold mounting.  I would
have thought that this antique Art Deco ring would be priced
much higher than it's $159 price tag.

Lastly, here's my favorite Valentine's Day jewelry gift idea:

Priced at $75, this charming antique band features
channel set rubies, sapphires, and emeralds - not
much more than some upscale florists charge for
a dozen roses.  And it'll last much longer.

Do you know a young lady who would be interested in starting her
own jewelry estate?  What better time to begin than at Valentine's Day?


  1. My first wedding ring was an antique with an heirloom diamond...loved it! I still have it and plan on making it a mother's ring in the future. The heirloom went back to its rightful owner. Love antique rings!!

  2. I agree, 75 dollars are not much at all for that pretty ring.

  3. Beautiful !
    The 1890 under $3000 ring is outstanding.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I've collected so many pieces over the years and have begun sharing with my nieces - I have nine! They love it.

  5. They are so stunning!