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February 20, 2015

Finally!  Sorry for the delay in today's post - it's been a busy, sweet morning.

Now, where we?  Oh, yeah, our Before and After Friday.  I want to
share some miscellaneous projects that can be done in a weekend.

A Thrift Store Find . . . . .
 is now In Home Fine . . . . . 

A Goodwill lamp meets a little spray paint:
Adding trim to a plain shade really dresses it, doesn't it?

This lamp was found at a garage sale:

Now it's so beachy!

This distressed Drexel side table was
in desperate need of some TLC:
It certainly received some loving attention: 

A homely homemade table:

was improved with paint and wallpaper:

Flea market dresser, before:
 Flea market dresser, after:

Here's another impressive dresser makeover:

A Mid-Century Modern classic . . . . .
 was given a beautiful makeover:

Here's another Mid-Century Modern beauty
that received a 21st Century treatment:

A $15 treasure found at a church rummage sale:
 Look what was hiding underneath:

A worn out vintage bamboo chair:
 is now brimming with sophistication:

 A yard sale chair with tons of potential:


Often the most subtle of changes can bring about a big difference.
Living room, before:
 Living room, after:

Family room, before:
 Family room, after:

Guest room, before:
 Guest room, after:

I can't imagine what the former homeowners were thinking:
 The new owners definitely had a plan:

 Pitiful Patio, before:

Party Patio, after:
The homeowner taped off the grid then
used concrete stain.  What a difference.

I hope that today's projects will inspire you to tackle
makeover of your own.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the painted dressers. I have a table just like the one in your post-now I know what to do with it.

  2. Love the last project. Also the purple kitchen turned into such a modern one.
    You have a great weekend too.

  3. Great post. Took away some ideas...but I was wondering if you have any donuts?