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February 12, 2015

The Repurposed Heart

Wait, what?!  A Repurposed Thursday?  Yes, my lovelies.  Oh, Yes!

What would you consider the ultimate 
Romantic Gesture?

A heart threaded with buttons from your family
members' clothing (that they no longer wear)?

A garland of hearts made from the music
played at your wedding?

Or a garland of hearts cut from maps of places
you've visited with your special someone?

A LOVE poster made from a map of places
you visited on your honeymoon?

Wall art of a heart composed of snapshots
of you and  your loved one?

Your child's or grandchild's footprints framed for a loved one?

Find a vintage poster of your favorite romance comedy?

1)  Buy a box of candy and eat it;
2) Buy small liquor or wine bottles and
your loved one's favorite candy;
3)  Put in candy box and wrap?

Instead of a bouquet, how about a bro-quet for your special guy?

Who doesn't love a float?

A tackle box of gummy worms with
a note about your first date?

Or maybe just give him a bag of worms?

A cup cozy crocheted from one of his
old sweaters he no longer wears?

It's not too late to repurpose some love for your favorite Valentine.

Gotta' close with some Roll Tide Love
for my fellow Alabama fans!


  1. I love the tackle box of gummy worms!!

  2. So much fun !
    Such good ideas.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Im in love with the button heart wreath. Do you know what gauge wire was used? Are there buttons on both front and back? Thanks !