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February 17, 2015

Vintage Fisher-Price toys are hot, Hot, HOT collectibles.


Those of us who stalk visit thrift shops and flea markets on a
regular basis usually have our antennae up for these enduring
childhood favorites.  Hopefully, today's post will help you identify
the truly aged Fisher-Price treasures from the imposters.

So let's start with the Mark of the Toy - the original manufacturer's label.  Here are 
photos of vintage Fisher-Price labels that should be on all games and many toys:

1931-1955        1956 only

1957-1961         1962-1971

 1972-1983     1984 On

    Both of these were used from 1991 - 1994

Often a genuine Fisher-Price toy might not have a permanent label on it
so your next step is to look for the Original Model Number.
    This Old Toy has provided a chart of original model numbers for all
    Fisher-Price toys from 1931 to 2000.  Click here to view this chart on their site: 

    Why is it so rare to find a vintage Fisher-Price play set with all of its original pieces?  Although FPs were quality made and sturdily built, they were used and loved and passed from child to child. 

    This vintage Fisher-Price Play Family Car, Camper and Little
    People Set is numbered 992.  It's history can be viewed here.

    It's fairly rare to find Fisher-Price vintage play sets that include all of the original pieces.
    Often you'll find sets that have miscellaneous pieces from many different play sets.

    This Old Toy also features a chart on the history of Fisher-Price's Little People.  Original wood and plastic Little People (and animals) date from 1959 to 1990.  In 1991 they were replaced with Chunky People in a backlash to critics who feared that children could choke on the smaller Little People.
     Many collectors seek out original replacement
    people and animals who are specific to play sets.  

    As always, Buyer Before when considering a purchase of any vintage item.  And like most collectors, buy what you enjoy, not what  you hope will increase in value.


    1. I did not realize that Fisher Price is that old.

    2. I remember a lot of those collections.

    3. I remember the neighbor kids having a lot of those, but I never had them. I did buy them for my kids and I think they had all the playsets from that time. I remember the people being wooden. The play house from old is different from what they had, but the barn and animals were basically the same thing. Here, its their pull toys that are hot. The puppy with the spring where its tummy should be is one that is always bought up quickly.