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February 19, 2015

"Surround yourself with what you love."

A beautiful sentiment but it can be difficult to create a
decorating scheme with some of the things that bring us joy.

Yes, Living With Collectibles can be quite a challenge.

Even though they're not in their original packaging, the
grouping of candy dispensers, in the right of the picture, is
charmingly incorporated into this colorful scheme.

Blue glassware is perfectly positioned to catch the morning rays.

Contemporary Is Successfully Merged With  Vintage
in this eclectic and fascinating apartment.

More isn't always better.  The homeowner chose a few of
their favorite pieces of Asian art to bring this room together.
I'd seriously consider trading a kidney for that rug.  

A passionate wine connoisseur devotes a room in his home
to his favorite hobby.  Note the stain glass windows created
from the glass of wine bottles.
And the wine bottles aren't just recycled - they're elegantly used as light fixtures.

A muted color scheme helps highlight the beauty
of this owner's hand blown bottle collection.

Your eye is drawn upward toward the shelves of antique and
vintage bottles in this delightfully cozy dining room.

A beautiful presentation of vintage Jadelite, glassware introduced
in the 1930s by McKee Glass Company of Pennsylvania.

This homeowner's love of McCoy and Redwing
pottery is expressed throughout their home.

What could have been a jumble of colors and styles
is, instead, a collection of pastel loveliness.


We don't often think of sea shells as elegant but
these are certainly presented in an elegant way.

Another pastel palette enhances the beauty of this coral collection.

Many of us devote a large portion of our leisure hours to collecting.  Why
not display the 'fruits of the hunt' is a way that our interests deserve?


  1. Bottles, shells, corals, are a favorite. I also love the four grey chairs around the ottoman with red pattern.

  2. The pez collection and the iron collection are crazy.

  3. Very nice. Love the collection of Coral. And I have my mom's Gasoline Iron from Mongomery Wards...I think in the 30's maybe 40's,

  4. I really enjoyed this post today !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. opps I forgot to add You will have to fight me for that rug !