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August 30, 2013

Why do we feel like dancing on Fridays but feel like sleeping
in on Mondays?  Better get up and at it.  What do you say we
start the week off with some inspirational repurposing?

Don't you love this idea for repurposing a door into a book shelf?

I should have included this great idea into last
week's post on repurposing cabinet doors.

A salvaged fence - literally!

Alesia Rebholz
The fence, above, was created mainly out of discarded aluminum
panels and vintage ceiling files purchased at a flea market.

Old shutters are a beautiful way to create a little privacy on a patio.

 Disclaimer:  I am not advocating gutting an antique piano but . . . .
Cathy Anderson
. . . . I have seen many un-salvageable uprights for less
than a hundred dollars and they do have beautiful lines.

Who would have thought to decoupage vintage blue prints on
top of an old dresser and trim it with pieces of an old yardstick?

Leave it to Gadget Sponge to create a very swanky silver plated birdfeeder.

Ewa In the Garden
How clever to use an old tea kettle as a faucet!

 Huffington Post
Even though I toss my used Altoids tins in the recycle bin
I always feel guilty that I don't come up with an ingenious
way to re-use them.  This tiny sewing kit is precious!

Have you ever come across old dining room chairs with damaged cane
backs and just couldn't think of an inexpensive way to repair them?

How about repurposing them?  It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1)  cut the tops of the chairs off
2)  sand, prime and paint them

3)  You've created beautiful picture frames:
All Things Thrifty

It seems that we all know someone who is buying
their first home or just moving into a new home.
The backing is a dictionary page on the many
variations of 'love'.  Ahhhhh, so sweet.

Repurpose Books by Bob Vila
Great alternative uses for old books.

And who doesn't have old watches lying around?!


Silver plated flatware is still plentiful in thrift shops and
relatively inexpensive.  It makes beautiful jewelry, doesn't it?

Historic House Parts

If you have vintage clip-on earrings lying around think about repurposing them into bracelets.

Well, I guess this is a form of repurposing:

Well, I hope your Monday is manageable and you don't need throwing plates!


  1. such wonderful inspiration and great ways to repurposing items!

    Have a great day!

  2. Ooh those bracelets are stunning!

  3. Hi Jan! There is just so much to love here, it's like a feast for the eyes! I love jewelry, so the earrings of silver really attracted..but the showstopper to me is that fence! Wow. I love it. You have such an imaginative mind. I wish I was half as creative as you are.

    Loved this post!! And I'll hold off on the throwing plate, at least for today! LOL!

  4. Thanks so much for the double spotlight Jan! I putting you in my "features" section on my website.

  5. Thanks for the idea about old cane chairs. Any ideas on how to creatively fix it so I can get rid of the cane and do something so that the chair is usable and intact? I was thinking maybe using material or ropes or -- I don't know. Any suggestions?