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August 13, 2013

Ceilings taller than 8 feet give a room an added sense of sophistication.
But, what if there was no ceiling?

Take a look at these "vs" photos that show the same room with a 'regular'
ceiling and with no ceiling at all.

Ceiling                                         vs             No ceiling

The iron stabilizing bars actually add to the charm of this beautiful home.

A regular ceiling:

No ceiling at all:

Do you use your entire attic for storage?  Opening up the unused
space in just room completely changes the dynamic of the house.

  Nice:                                                                      Exceptional:

Even though it takes some planning, exposing beams
to the rafters still allows you to hide electrical wiring.

  Lovely:                                                                  Amazing:

 Attractive:                                                                Stunning:

 Average:                                                                 Excellent:

  Oh, my.                                               Oh, my goodness!

 Ordinary:                                        Extraordinary:

Before you start swinging the sledge hammer, consult with a home improvement
contractor as to the advisability of removing your ceiling.  Once you get the
go-ahead, put on your goggles and get dusty!


  1. I think our ceilings are going to fall down with no intervention soon!

  2. Great pictures! It does make a difference!

  3. But where would we put all the junk (that we never use) that is stored up in the loft? These rooms are gorgeous, if only I could persuade husband that we don't need to keep everything!

  4. Neat post. Your photos are very effective.

    - The Tablescaper