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August 19, 2013

Today's Monday Repurposing Post is all about recycling/upcycling
old kitchen cabinets.  Versatile and sturdy, older cabinets are perfect
for reuse in a myriad of functional and practical ways. 

So what, exactly, can you create using kitchen cabinets?
Backyard Chickens
♥   a chicken coop!

Pink Wallpaper
♥   a beautiful dining room wall unit

♥   a darling pet bed or side table

Mission Decorate
♥   a precious play kitchen
♥   add legs and a little chicken wire and
you've created a beautiful country buffet!
Gail of My Repurposed Life made a darling
bench out of a set of kitchen cabinets:
Click here the tutorial if you'd like to make one of these clever little benches.
Gail also created this adorable nursery
toy box/bench out of a kitchen cabinet.
Here is another idea for repurposing cabinets into a window seat:

Kitchen cabinets provide an amazing amount
of storage for a laundry room or mud room:

A little sandpaper and a can of paint completely transformed
these cabinets which were installed in a hobby room:

Two bottom cabinets were used to create a kitchen island:

Why, kitchen cabinets can be repurposed into all
kinds of amazing things - like this awesome bed:
. . . . . or to provide extra storage in the garage:
If all else fails, just use the cabinet doors to make serving trays:
. . . . . or a menu chalk board
. . . . or a hand painted inspiration sign with towel hooks
. . . . or use a cabinet door and a Mason jar to show off your Summer flowers.
Yes, old kitchen cabinets can truly be repurposed in many wonderful ways.


  1. Great ideas!
    thanks for taking the time to share them all.
    have a great day

  2. Haha I absolutely love the chicken coop! In fact I love them all, except the bed. I'm just not convinced about the bed, you might just feel like you were sleeping in your kitchen :P

  3. Some really great ideas here. I would not have guessed many of them had started out as kitchen cabinets.

  4. Wow, Jan- Those are absolutely GREAT ideas, Jan. That bed idea is just amazing! xo Diana

  5. Fantastic ideas . . . love, love, love, this post.
    You are so sweet to put this all together . . . great inspiration.
    You're a sweet heart.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)