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August 28, 2013

When is too much just too much?

One of the most challenging aspects of collecting
is simply displaying your treasures.  

I've never seen vintage tins hung on the wall.
Interesting but probably a headache to dust.

These antique bread bowls seem a little
crowded and are lost in the busy background.

Compare this display of pepper mills to the one below.
Which do you prefer?

Most collections won't have to compete for your 'visual
attention' when shown against a white background.

Grouping the pieces by color gives the collection
a better sense of organization.

The symmetrical shapes of lunch boxes allow for a more balanced display.

              God in Design
 From the angle of the photo it appears as if this lunch box
collection has been hung in an overhead space which doesn't
allow as much access to them and makes viewing difficult. 

Real Simple
Antique printers' drawers are a charming
way to display small treasures.

Dishfunctional Designs
Elevating the tin of antique pocket watches
draws more attention to them.

Is it just me or does this room seem claustrophobic?

Common Ground
It's fun when one collection can actually display another.

Interior Collective
This display seems a little unorganized and messy.  These
beautiful pieces deserve more attention than this display allows.

Lisa Pocklington
I like the concept of displaying antique and vintage fabric
in stitching hoops but there are just too many of them. 

Vintage Beach
A Bakelite button collection is charmingly
displayed on a coffee table.  Very unique.

What is the name of these little vintage toys?  You press underneath the
platform and the figurines bend and flop, they were popular in the 1930s to
the 60s.  I really like this display but definitely not with little ones in the house!

Regardless of what we collect, most of us will agree
that the hardest part of collecting is simply stopping!


  1. Amazing collections, but I only saw 2 photos with displays that I could live with.

  2. I enjoy collecting, but I do not like clutter. It really bothers me. I love the vintage tin. I saw one exactly like the one my mother used to store her spools of thread. These are amazing collections. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Bonnie

  3. Some things just look odd hung on walls, like the lunch boxes. The problem with lots of anything is that it soon looks like clutter.

  4. I agree with Tracey- when it starts to look like clutter it is time to stop. I have slowly been weeding out all the "junk" in my home and trying to simplify displays and "collections". Some things are easier to part with than others. GREAT post- xo Diana

  5. Hi Jan! My husband would KILL for all those lunch boxes. He is a collector when he can find things like that he really likes.

    And yes! That bedroom is way claustro, and I could never sleep there. I'd be afraid something would fall on me, or that I'd knock something down in my sleep!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I still haven't unpacked my collections because I'm not sure where they will fit in the house. And how to display them. Better to keep them boxes away for the moment.