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August 30, 2013

What better way to kick off the Labor Day weekend than by admiring
the labor of others?  And by that I mean Before & After projects!

If you've never stopped by the Little Yellow Barn then you've missed a treat.
Full of interesting articles, the site also features beautiful B&A photos:

                             Before                                             After

Be sure to stop by and visit Jourdan at Little Yellow Barn.

We've all seen 70s end tables like the one below.
Ever thought about turning one into a pet bed?

So cute, airy and repurposeful.

Another thrift store gem - a simple paint
treatment makes all the difference, doesn't it?

A can of white spray paint and two mirrors helped turn this
vintage bamboo serving tray into a sophisticated liquor bar:

Take a second look at little side tables the next time you're
out thrifting.  You might be surprised at the possibilities:

In addition to the paint, the molding and hardware
make this rather plain dresser exceptional:

Honestly, this buffet was almost beyond saving:
Beautiful rescue!

Only one word is needed to describe this 'before':  Yikes!
But there are so many words to describe the 'after' -
lovely, charming, and incredible to name a few!

The transformation of this vintage credenza is simply AH-mazing:

 Speaking of vintage . . . . .

So sophisticated.

Before closing today's post I have to introduce you to Samm and Chris Spangler of Little House in the Big D.  They're a darling young couple who are renovating a 1940s house in Dallas.  Check out just a few of their imaginative renovations:

If these last few photos aren't inspiring, I give up!

Seriously, have a fun and safe Labor Day weekend.


  1. Love all of these! People are so creative when it comes to rescuing sad, old, outdated furniture.. it amazes me!


  2. I love the vision and creativity here! My faves are the pet bed and the bamboo bar. <3

  3. Great pieces of inspiration there! We have just decorated our master bedroom and painted all the pine furniture and I am thrilled with the result. Don't know why We didn't do it years ago!