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August 23, 2013

We'll do the Happy Friday dance right after
we look at some Before & After photos, okay?

First off, there's someone you have to meet - Shannon of Sewing Barefoot.
Not only is she a talented designer, Shannon is also a darn good seamstress
and upholsterer.  With the help of her hubby, Adam, Shannon has taken on
and conquered some interesting projects.

Here are Before & After photos of their home:

Isn't the transformation amazing?  And take a look at
what Shannon and Adam did with their living room:

Beautiful results, guys.

Anyone looking for ideas on renovating a dresser?
Surprisingly, the flat black paint actually makes the intricate carving
more pronounced.  The new handles really give the dresser an updated
appearance.  So versatile, you could use this piece anywhere in the house.

And who would have thought that this 80s dresser could be so cute?
Corner Stone Interiors

I guess I've got dressers on my mind today
'cause they seem to be everywhere!

 Facelift Furniture

If you run across a dresser that's damaged beyond
salvaging, take a close look at the drawers:
You can add 'feet' and make a bench out of a drawer.

Here's a darling idea on how to enhance a small kitchen island:
The powder blue paint treatment is so cute
that I would paint all of the cabinets that color.

The console, below, was darling in it's original state but the top needed some TLC:

West Furniture Revival

Who would have thought that such a lovely
desk lay beneath the layers of chipped paint:

The Serendipity House

 The next time you run across slender book cases or
curio cabinets at a thrift shop think about these photos:
I love the white paint and the chicken wire, don't you?

 A little sand paper + a little paint = precious!

Vision, vision, vision - when walking through a consignment store or thrift shop always wear your Vision Hat:

Confessions of a DIYer

I don't know which is a diy-er's best friend - a glue gun or an electric staple gun!

Don't you like that the top was left 'natural'?  The touch
of wallpaper in the back adds a little extra whimsy: 

This re-do might just win the best B&A of the month:

The gorgeous metallic finish, wire door screens and new
drawer pulls completely transform this china cabinet.

If you're out flea marketing or antiquing this weekend
keep an eye open for your own fixer-upper project.

Okay, gals and guys, let's dance!


  1. This is just what I needed to inspire me as I head into my weekend of projects. So much work to do, so little time and energy.

  2. Love the features this week. I'm new to your blog and am looking forward to reading your past posts if they have before and afters like these. I'm always amazed at how much talent is out in blogland!

  3. Hi! I am trilled you joined my blog. The furniture transformations are awesome. I love to paint things, don't you? Thanks for all the inspirations and please come back to visit me.


  4. It is hard to believe these transformations! The little house is just darling. I love seeing young couples buy an older home and give it some updated love. Loving that dining set re-do! And the console painted blue. Lots of great ideas, as always, Jan ! Happy weekend xo