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January 19, 2012

T R E N D    A L E R T

I would be remiss if I didn't make an effort to keep you updated on the latest decorating trends. 

Obviously, if anything is posted on the internet it must be true.  So, I feel confident in providing you with this information.  

One word.  Maps.

You're thinking, "I don't need maps.  I have a GPS."

Wrong.  You need maps.  And, here is the reason why.

Map wallpaper is extreme and almost hypnotic. 
(Not really digging the Spanish conquistador, though.)

Much more subtle and attractive wallpaper - great for a guestroom.

Maps aren't limited to just being hung on the wall. 

Take at look at this imaginative nursery. 
Notice anything unusual about Tate's name?

Tate must feel really special having his name constructed
out of a map - especially if it's a map of his hometown or state.

The next time you run across a map scarf, take a
second look at it.  How would it look framed?

Pinwheels made out of atlas maps make great party favors. 
Goodwill and thrift stores usually have a large selection
of atlases at very inexpensive prices.

TREND ALERT, Part II - Globes

Why globes?  Because they're round maps!


We've all seen old dressers at yard sales and flea markets.
With a simple circle paint treatment, wouldn't this
look great in a teen's room or a dorm?

Get crafty and creative with your geographic orbs.
And, don't worry about marking up your globe. 
With political unrest throughout the world, a globe is
outdated just about as soon as it is produced.

Regardless of how you decorate with maps it's sure
to spark imaginations and is economically
so very fleaChic!

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