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January 11, 2012

Support SWAM FAN !!

(Stop Wallpaper and Matching Fabric Abuse Now!)

Seriously, someone needs to call
and report the following atrocities
to the I.D.P. (International Decorating Police):

Matching furniture and wallpaper made an
appearance back in the 80's. 
I hoped it had stayed there.

I don't have one friend whose husband wouldn't balk at the hanging of these patterns in their home:

Yes, those are ants. . . . . or termites. 


Source:  House to Home, UK

Elle Decor is one of the most respected and revered decorating magazines in the world.  Apparently, the interns were running the show when these photographs were published:

Prison stripes, anyone?

"Real style is never right or wrong.
It's a matter of being yourself - on purpose."
                                                                                                                       -- G.B. Boyer
If that statement is true, my questions is: 
      Who is being themselves - the client or the decorator?!

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