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January 3, 2012

It's been so long since we've looked at some fabulous
 before and after projects
Let's kick the year off with a little inspiration:

Source:  Design Sponge


The before photo
of the chair just about broke my heart. 

Great save!

Source:  Sweet Pickins

Little vintage school desks like the one below are getting harder and harder to find.

Source:  Better After

The story of a Little Cottage by the Lake

Four years ago Erin, at Just Grand, bought a tiny, shabby, and neglected cottage on a dune overlooking Lake Michigan.  She and her husband rolled up their sleeves and tackled the monumental job of renovating the cottage on the inside as well as the outside.

Situated in a row of 7 "housekeeping cottages" that were built 70 years ago for rent to weekend tourists, the little house was in sore need of a complete overhaul. 

Beautiful view overlooking the lake:

The cottage before:
The cottage after:

rear view before:

rear view after:

 Take a look at this 70's Darth Vader free-standing fireplace:

 After the renovation, the room is almost unrecognizable!

It's hard to imagine the amount of hard work it takes to completely renovate a house, even a tiny one.  These few pictures can't begin to convey the months, if not years, it took to transform the shabby, little cottage into the charming retreat it is today.  Great job, Erin!

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