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January 20, 2012

It's Friday! 

And I'm as happy as a long haired, black Collie rolling around on a white bedspread.

I've always admired people who consider their bedroom decor as important as the public spaces in their home.

A friend told me long ago that the first room you should decorate is your bedroom - it's your retreat, your alone place, your refuge. 

Here are some photos of people who appreciate that philosophy.

          A bedroom is such an intimate space.  The room where we
          sleep, read, recharge, and reflect on our day probably says
          more about us than any other room in the house. What does
          your bedroom say about you?

The view is the headboard.  I love that.

A bedroom is one of the easiest rooms to redecorate. 
Here are a few unusual headboards for inspiration:

Do you know a little buckaroo who needs a bedroom makeover?  A barn theme would be the perfect background for the horseshoe headboard.  Old saddles as decorating accents can be found at flea markets and are usually quite inexpensive.  On the wall, mount old wooden rails with pegs to hang coats and caps. 

          In the near future I plan to post an article with photos on the
          new movement to use reclaimed wood.  It's economical, good
          for the environment, and utterly charming.

 Great decor for a teenage boy.  He could even
help construct the headboard.

Sanded and stenciled - super easy and inexpensive. 

Antique doors make beautiful headboards. 

This small room comes together through the subtle use of
natural wood, neutral tones, and scaled down furnishings. 
LOVE the stripped down chandelier.

Most of us don't exercise our imaginations enough.  Put
yours to work today on the most important room in the house. 

Have a great weekend!

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