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January 9, 2012

Monday, give it your best shot. 

I had a pretty good weekend and
I'm ready to take you on.

That being said, here's today's 'menu':

o  a few Befores and Afters
o  some repurposing & inspiration
o  anything else I feel like including

Let's get started.

Adding the wainscotting and painting a gray version of the
Union Jack took this homey primitive coffee table
to a much higher level of country sophistication.

Speaking of the Union Jack  . . . . . . .

Love the aged French twist on the venerable English flag.

Ever gotten in the middle of a project and changed your mind? 
I'm so glad these guys did.

This transformation adds validity to the phrase,
"We decided to go another way."

Everyone of us has an old sweater we don't want (probably one of our husband's.)   As the temperature drops, think of our furry little friends - I don't mean the holiday leftovers growing in the back of the fridge - and get creative.  The sleeves of sweaters make great kitty covers and candle cozies.

Tool box trays make charming vignette shelving.
 Beautiful use of an old dresser mirror.

Just about every home built before 2000 has medicine cabinets in the bathrooms.  Use that space to hide the essentials:

Wonder what you can do with vintage scarves? 
Frame them as art:

Pick up the colors in the scarf with accent pieces - so fleaChic!

And, remember -
keep that Monday attitude going all day!

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