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November 14, 2011

People, meet Recyclart

What could be more charming than
 a bouquet made of vintage buttons?!
Yes, that scraping sound you hear is me dragging out my soap box.  If you've read many of my posts you know that fleaChic is all about recycling, reusing, and repurposefulness.  And so are the folks at Recyclart, a portfolio-based website dedicated to encouraging people to "brainstorm your sustainability creativity."

Think of all of the broken chairs that could be given a second life by simply cutting off the seat and mounting them on the wall.  If you're trying to reduce your dependence on paper towels and use more tea towels, this idea would work great in the kitchen, too.

Converting an old buggy or pram into a
planter honestly makes me cringe as
I would prefer to see it cleaned and used
in a nursery to hold stuffed animals. 

An old wooden crate is
excellent for holding potted plants, especially herbs.

Not many of us would ever be lucky enough to come across an old firehouse hose reel but if we did, it would make an excellent coffee table.  The original instruction sticker is still adhered to this one.

Again, using an antique wrought iron bed as a flower bed would not be my first choice but you have to love the irony!

Who knew that a vintage telephone could be converted to a cell phone docking station or a clock?

Someone cleverly rewired
this phone to be used
as an mp3 speaker!

 What a clever idea for reusing chipped teapots or ones that have lost their lids.  Turning them into miniature planters is so fleaChic!

Remember my posting on Industrical Chic?  This lamp was made from car engine parts found in a scrapyard.

LOVE the idea of using an old door as a chalk board.  This photo looks as if it's being used at a wedding reception to post the menu but how great would this look in a kitchen?

To view over a thousand inspirational photos and recycling ideas check out Recyclart - inspiration to feed your recycling mind!

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