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November 2, 2011

Mid-Week Musings

Wednesdays are always tricky for me - is the week half full or half empty?  You can pretty much gauge your productive-ness on how much you've accomplished by Wednesday

It's looking as if I'm not getting much done.

Yesterday's "Before and After" photos prompted me to inventory the projects I need to finish. The list is pretty long.

My only defense is that I've been out of town 17 of the last 28 days and I'm leaving again this Saturday for a week. . . . . . which got me thinking about the versatility of vintage suitcases.


Whether used for accent pieces or repurposed as end tables,
these faded beauties provide excellent storage options.

Imagine the craft clutter
you could corral in one
of these babies!

Vintage suitcases make terrific
display containers and can help
keep you organized in style.


I don't know if this unique piece was created by
an artist as a work of 'art' or by a contemporary furniture
designer.  Either way, it's funky and clever.

  It's really not hard to find old pieces of luggage
                                                          from the 50's and 60's.  They're surprisingly durable
                                                                     and many are still in pretty good shape.

                          What pet could resist one of these suit-able beds?!

Images:  Sunday In Bed; Country Living;  Design Sponge;;  Homebunch;  LaBoomeria;  Decor Demon;  Scissors 'n Spatulas;  Seducing Serendipity

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