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November 11, 2011

fleaChic is just a Hot Mess today!

Maybe it's the full moon. 
Maybe it's because it's a Friday. 
Maybe it's because it's AWESOME  11-11-11
But, for whatever reason, fleaChic is just a hot mess today and all over the map. 
Please bear with me.

I simply cannot put off introducing you to an incredible British artist, Ann Carrington.  Ann turns everyday objects into amazing sculptured murals:

You're probably thinking, "Meh.  That's
pretty but not so unusual."
Well, look at the close-up photo below: 

I repeat:  Ann Carrington turns ordinary objects - subway tokens, vintage scissors, wrenches, safety pins, anything! - into unique works of art.  She limits the number of prints taken of her works and most start in the $195 range.  LOVE her creativity.

You know how so many decorators are now showcasing globe chandeliers?  Designer Orlando Storia has taken this lighting feature several steps forward:

He has named his creation an Orb-lando Storia original! 
hee, hee          

Okay, settle down, we're just getting started.  Yes, I realize that I have posted very few Before and After and Repurposefulness photos lately.  I will remedy that today:

Featured at The Decorated House,
a beautiful but ordinary mirror.

Some paint and staining . . . . . . .

Voile, instant patina!

I found this Before and After at Tracy's Gardens and Things. These photographs show that DIY projects aren't always big deals.  As you can see from the photos, the top of this 70s dresser was left stained but the rest was painted.  I like it.

This charming
re-do simply
changing the
drawer pulls. 
Love the idea
of using different
pulls for each drawer.
Source:  CasaSugar

HGTV recently posted these inspiring photos:

How cute is this?  Cover an old dresser with
vintage sheet music!

My stumpy, little ladder mounted
as display shelving!

Charming 101:  take an old, rough door or old, rough pieces of wood nailed together; take 2 old, rough saw horses from your father's garage.  Set old rough door (or wood) on the saw horses.

Who doesn't need inspiration?  Here are random
photos of elegant and charming decorating moments that are motivation-worthy:


 Images, top to bottom: Celerie Kemble Designs; Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn Interiors; Dominique Vorillon (2); Jasmine Way Designs; Oliveau; Style Estate (3)

Well, we're going to wrap up today's posting 
with  a little television trivia: 

The retro wallpaper in the photo above was designed by the firm Graham & Brown.  It was chosen by the set designers of the new CBS show 2 Broke Girls and is featured as the wall covering in the diner scenes.  Check it out.  

The next time you hear from me, I'll be back in sunny Florida with my boys - Bob, Archie, and Boswell.  Have a great weekend and don't spend all your time raking leaves. 

Get out there and have fun!
(Posted at 11:11 a.m. on 11/11/11 !)

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