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November 25, 2011

Black Friday

 Doesn't it feel great to receive a gift that was purchased specifically for you?  What fun to receive an item that the gift giver knew you genuinely would cherish - a piece of 19th Century Johnson transferware, an old cigar box of wooden spools, or that elusive 1964 Bonanza lunchbox you've been searching for to add to your collection.

Giving vintage and antique items as gifts has so many benefits - the recipient is thrilled to receive something they collect, it shows that you searched for that special gift, and no one knows how much you spent!

Instead of driving around the mall or outlet center trying to find a parking space, consider shopping online at or on this holiday season.  You will find millions of antique and vintage items from which to choose whether you're looking for used or new merchandise.

You might even find something that will inspire the young, new collector!

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