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September 16, 2011

Sisters On the Fly

On Mother's Day photographer Tiffany Kitchner-Dixon of received a most unusual gift - a 1959 camper nicknamed "Audree" which she promptly began restoring.  Here is the result of her hard work:

While reading about Tiffany's fun renovations, I remembered hearing about an organization of women campers - Sisters on the Fly.  Founded in 1999 by two sisters, Becky and Maurrie, the group promotes travel and fun for women ages 21 to 99!  Their Mission Statement is definitely unique:

"Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures"

We are a group of women who challenge ourselves in all that we set our minds to do. We have no age or color. We represent no religion or political group. We welcome all women who want to share the adventures of "sisterhood".   Our "Sisterhood" has grown into almost 2,000 women.  It is all about participating in outdoor adventures with women of the same mindset.


Although not a requirement, most of the ladies own vintage campers that they restored themselves.   The group's annual Cowgirl Caravan is a chance for members from across the country to get together, share outdoor adventures and revel in the 'brotherhood' of sisters.  Read more about these exceptional women on their website -  And check out some of their members' campers: 

I believe that they DO have more fun than anyone.
And in fleaChic style!

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  1. I want one! Would love to know how these women came across their finds; I bet there are some good stories!