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September 25, 2011

Monday Morning Industrial Chic

While sketching out today's posting I very quickly realized that the glorious redhaired stepchild of interior design - INDUSTRIAL CHIC - cannot possibly be addressed in a single day.  Having lurked along the fringe of mainstream decorating for years, IC has grown in popularity and is now a popular devise for professionals as well as novice designers.  

Academics refer to IC as 70s Architectural Modern.

A decorating genre originally associated with lofts and Big City apartments, elements of IC can be found as accent pieces in almost every type of design scheme.

We actually have the fashion industry to thank for the introduction of Industrial Chic.  Back in the early 2000s, as a stark contrast to the uber feminine Laura Ashley craze, display designers began showcasing the bare beauty of natural materials. 

Decorators quickly caught on to the utilitarian charm of IC as well as the boundless supply of the delicious vintage morsels that were available. 

Clients came to appreciate the functionality and novel allure of stainless steel, rusty metal and  the Industrial Chic craze was born.

Upcycling vintage motorcycle parts into chic lighting fixtures not only makes a startling statement, it also reduces waste. 

Skyline sculpture made completely from old PC parts.

Laboratory stools and drafting desk chairs provide
perfect seating options for an IC scheme.

Industrial Chic eschews the use of synthetics, concentrating on the purity of wood and metal.

Salvage yards and government surplus auctions are ripe for harvesting IC produce.

Recycled airplane wings make a beautiful headboard.

Industrial Chic encompasses the very essence of fleaChic!

Tomorrow - we travel through the jungle of scrap metal
boneyards to uncover golden nuggets of IC gold.

Images:  Agent Gallery, Chicago; Design Milk; John Ryland; M. Levin;; House&; Angus Ferguson; Nikole of Harriet Grace; Robert LeMermeyer, House & Home

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