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September 30, 2011

Motivational Friday!!!!!!!

Okay, the weekend is almost upon us and it's time for a little inspiration and motivation, boys and girls.  We'll begin with a little Before and After segment, work our way into some Repurposing, then wind it up with an array of I-Want-This-Look photos.

How many times have you meandered through a flea market or thrift store and spied a beautiful but battered vintage piece of furniture that really intrigued you?  Pretty often, I'll bet.  You ask yourself, "Where would I put it?  How much work does it need?  How much less would they take?!"

The secretary whispered,                                          
"Take me home."                                                    You whispered back, "Okay."


After some sanding and painting, enjoy the oohs and ahhs as it sits in your living room!

The amazingly wonderful things about this next Before and After - it's super easy and thrift stores are teeming with chairs such as this one for as little as $10 or less. 


A little duct tape,
a can of enamel spray paint,
and, voile!  A lovely new chair!

For this next project, imagination is everything.  Who doesn't have fabric lying around the house? 
Two things really stand out on this re-do:  staining the legs and 'tufting' the top of the table.

I must share with you a recent fleaChic out-of-body experience.  Always on the lookout for bargains
and beauties, this Midcentury Modern Scandanavian-ish dining room set caught my eye:

The entire set - table with 2 leafs, 6 chairs and the china cabinet - were on sale at the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store for $300.00.  And, it was '25% off Thursday' so that brought the price down to $225.00!!

I just shook my  head, marveling at this unbelievable bargain.  What a terrific purchase this would be for a young professional just starting out in their first real apartment.  Wish I knew one - I would drag them down to the store and make them buy this set!

When I got home I checked one of my go-to websites and found this custom original set:

Classic Midcentury Modern design by Richard Powers
retailing for over $15,000.

And now, it's time for a little REPURPOSEFULNESS -



Yes, those are stereo speakers  IN  A  VINTAGE  SUITCASE!!!!     The next time you and your
significant other get into a disagreement about his speakers, show him this posting!  Not just chic,
it's camouflage fleaChic!

Now, let's start our weekend off with some
decorating envy, shall we?

The drapes absolutely make this room.  Love them.

Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback.  I know, I know.  We've become use to our smooth, soothing, beautifully painted walls.  Prepare yourself.  (Just a warning.)  And, I adore the repurposed dresser
sitting beside the fireplace - provides great storeage, too.  Bet you have one of those hidden away in
one of your guest rooms.  Get it out and drag it to the living room!

My first reaction to this photo was, "This looks like a sofa sale ad."  It's not - it's a real apartment. 
Almost too sterile, isn't it?  Maybe it's the continuous beige walls - maybe it needs some wallpaper!

Images:  Centational  Girl; 5 Days, 5 Ways; Richard Powers Designs; House Beautiful; Apartment Therapy; Country Living; Design to Inspire

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