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September 28, 2011

Industrial Diversity

On the way to the blogging office this morning - okay, shuffling into the guest room while blowing the steam off a cup 'o joe - I realized that many of us shy away from any type of Decorating Drama.  A style that we are uncomfortable with rarely finds a way into our homes. 

Full immersion into Industrial Chic is definitely not for everyone.  In the south we have an expression for someone who  devotes themselves completely to any one thing - "goin' whole hog".   Few of us could tolerate a diet of total IC.

Begin by choosing elements of Industrial Chic that interest or challenge you.  Start small - architectural renderings, blueprints, drafting table lamps.


             Industrial advertisements are an inextensive
             yet chic element of IC and can introduce brilliant
             moments of color in any scheme.

An array of Industrial Chic accents can highlight the style and soften the austere and unadorned approach of minimalist decor.

     One aspect of IC that clients find appealing is the functionality of the pieces.

Remember - as you stand in a decorator's showroom considering the purchase of a coffee table made from motorcycle engines, in 35 years your grandchild might be in the same spot considering the purchase of a vintage 2011 satellite dish!

Never say never!

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