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September 26, 2014

So many Fridays I feature DIY Before and After projects but
today we're going to look at restorations by professionals.

Have you ever been in the middle of a
project and realized you needed a pro?

The owners started stripping a painted ice box but halfway through the job they decided to turn it over to an experienced furniture restorer.  Wise decision. 

Is this dainty table beyond saving?


Restoring an antique piece of furniture is a challenge.  Restoring
and repairing an antique piece is additionally demanding:
Amazing job.

This elegant drop leaf dresser was in
sore need of some TLC: 
Jean-Jacques Bernard

Oh, dear, what a distressful before:
And what an amazing after.

A pitiful Victorian settee was literally all to pieces before
it was given a contemporary makeover:


A 100+ year old chair was lovingly
restored to pristine condition:

A stately antique chair from the U.S. Capitol
was patriotically restored to its original state.

Ever had a major oops?  Like in the thousand dollar range?

The Antique Restoration Place
It takes a talented hand to successfully reassemble broken treasures.  The Antique Restoration Place in West Palm Beach, Florida, is known for its talented staff.

An empire dresser had been painted for many
years but the owners were ready for a change:

Liberty Bell Furniture
Excellent work.

A vintage electric fan was found in an abandoned
building and saved from the landfill:
Mr. Fixit

The Antique Piano Shop is located in East Tennessee, near The Great Smokey Mountains National Park.  One of their specialties is resurrecting antique square grand pianos:

 Antique Piano Shop
They truly are masters of the art of piano restoration.

When sand blasting is involved in a restoration
it's definitely time to call a professional.

Safe Before:

Safe After:

We occasionally need a little reminder of how important professional
restorers are to the world of antiques.  Today's projects are proof of their talents.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.


  1. I love to see pictures of restorations. They're amazing! And, omgoodness at the 1,000 major "oops"es. Have a good Friday.

  2. Some amazing restorations and you are so right with some only a professional will do.

  3. Looks like a lot of people have a ton of patience!
    If only....

  4. Use the Antique Piano Shop at your own risk! Masters? They tell prospects that their heirloom is worth $35,000 to squeeze out a $9,000 rebuild job. Squares just don't have that kinda value. You can get a new or slightly new Steinway S for that kinda money. Then they send the pianos to Juarez, Mexico through El Paso Texas, without the customers knowledge. Three pianos were lost that I know of. There is no recourse if your heirloom piano is lost in Mexico. And why the IRS has not come down on them already is anybody's guess. They hire employees under the table call them "sub-contractors".
    If you look closely in the photograph its not even the same piano in the before and after picture. They couldn't even get that right. One more piece of advice- Call local technicians in their area, they have a horrible reputation with the local techs. Due your due diligence and it won't take you long to figure out.

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