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September 15, 2014

I love starting the week with Repurposeful Mondays.  

Such ingenious ideas; such cost-saving
upcycling; such - well, you get the picture.

 Yes, that's a vintage engine block converted into a cooler.
And possibly the heaviest cooler in the history of tailgating.

An old Mario Brothers video game also houses a mini-
refrigerator.  How cool would this be in a dorm? 

Another great idea for a particle board computer desk.

If you show this to your husband or boyfriend he'll probably cry.
In what universe does a classic Mustang make a better pool
table than a collectible car?  

A bar with a gas station theme extended
the decor into the restroom.

Lighted box springs make charming canopies.

 Old blue jeans parts and a Dollar Tree
bandanna make cute picnic tablecloths.

 Share this idea with your crafty friends.

 They had me at bacon.

Put those wine corks to good re-use.

A penny for your thoughts:
 Adorable anniversary gift!

Gives a new meaning to Moneyball, doens't it?

You can't buy buttons any cheaper than a penny.

 Buttons also make great earring organizers.

Hmmmm . . . . maybe not.

Let's close today's Repurposeful Monday post with some
adorable pet bed ideas provided by DIY Ideas::

A considerate restaurant created a rest
station for customers' dogs.

I love the dog's framed 'selfies' in the background.

Friends, go out there and make it a great start to a
productive week.  (I'm going back to bed.)


  1. OMG! i'll cry too! Poor Mustang :/

  2. The dogs beds was a great Monday morning chuckle.

  3. Wow, some great that I am going to use is the button earring holder! I am always looking for one earring in fifty!

  4. The dogs beds got me this week, they made me laugh...

  5. fantastic! the beer cooler will require a 12 pack to fill up which is not a bad thing. ha ha ha My favorite is: you guessed it , the mustang pool table!!!!! love it!

  6. I am crying over the Mustang !
    love the dog bed ideas.

    cheers, parsnip