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September 23, 2014

Due to the weather - Fall arrived! - Repurposeful
Monday was postponed until today.

Some of these ideas are just too ingenious to
wait another week to share with you.

If ugly extension cords are a problem, turn them into wall art.

Do you have a milk crate and just
don't know what to do with it?
Turn it into a storage stool.

If you repurpose something while using it for its
original purpose, is that a Double On Purpose?!
 Love, love, love this storage idea.  Brilliant!

 This is probably why Cadillac didn't go into the bicycle business.

 The coolest dog leash ever!

The ultimate Carry On.

Record "I love you" and have the wave form printed out.
 Mount it in a locker and give to someone special.

It costs almost as much to grind up a stump as it 
to have the tree cut down.  Turn it into a picnic table!

 Jay Russell, a farrier in Idaho, created an amazing
sculpture using old horse shoes.

 Sprockets, gears and clock parts. Oh, my.

 His future lies in either the Indianapolis 500
or the Indianapolis Orchestra.

 What I can't figure out is the purpose of the little chest.

Why didn't someone think of this years ago?

Some of the most incredible repurposing ideas are also some of the simplest.  


  1. The stairs as drawers, amazing...I don't think it gets any better than that.

  2. Jay Russell is an amazing artist! I can't even imagine the time he spent on this sculpture...
    Love the wall art.. I hate hanging cord bundles... Great idea... and the under the stairs storage is genius! I am with you, don't know what the purpose is for the little chest.. Maybe snacks..LOL

  3. Both the stairwell projects are amazing. Others a re wonderful too.

  4. Some wonderful ideas here, especially that school stairway.