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September 17, 2014

In today's uncertain economy small businesses
have to use every marketing gimmick possible.  

These clever shop owners have taken their store
fronts to an entirely new advertising level.

 A music shop in Atlanta looks like a 90's boom box.

That's either the largest cell phone in the
world or it's an electronics store in Japan.

At first glance I thought this shop in Quebec City sold
camping gear.  Turns out it's a florist.  Who knew?

So this is a florist, right?
Nope.  It's a shoe store.

These shoe stores in northern London make
it pretty clear what they're selling:

An adidas shoe store in - what else? - a big shoe box.

I give up.  What does a larger-than-life
zipper have to do with espresso?

I'm guessing they sell bikes.

Finally!  I've found a purse big enough:
Actually, the purse is concealing construction work
and renovation of the Dior store in Manhattan.

City officials in the English town of Dungannon took
a clever approach to improving empty, derelict shops:
They painted virtual shops on the fronts of the buildings.  Great idea!

I have no idea what they're selling
but I love the paint job.

And sometimes the name of the shop
is advertising enough:

I see what you did there, Dr. Optometrist man.

And my favorite:
Forget the Empire State Building, Broadway, the Metropolitan
Museum of Modern Art.  Next time I'm in New York City
I'm going to Thriffany's.


  1. what a great post! Loved all the pics. I love how creative they all were. cant even chose a fav..
    so cool!
    happy wednesday

  2. Loved all the ideas. I think the one painted with yellow light might be a restaurant. I just love that one.
    And I could tell the big cell phone had to be in Japan.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Wow, what an assortment of store fronts...I want to go to the Thriffany!