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June 20, 2012

White is beautiful and . . . . . safe?

I love white rooms.  The Scandinavianism of it is so cool.  It's clean, crisp, contemporary.
And, yes, a little safe.

Color is a commitment.  Whenever I walk into someone's home and the walls are painted
a color other than white or beige I immediately think, "A decisive person lives here."  

Shelter Interior Designs

The "Be Bold or Go Home" gorilla decorating approach doesn't sit too
well with me.  I have to subtly slide
into a color decision.  

Tomorrow we're going to take a
look at alternatives to monochromatic
paint choices. You might be surprised
at the variety of options. 

Meet you back here!


  1. I love all these beautiful rooms, but if I tried that it would all go horribly wrong and you'd just think "A crazy person lives here!"

    1. Yea, I've always been beige/neutral. Just once I'd love to have the courage to paint a room a brilliant blue or blazing red. For all of my bossiness, I'm actually meek! hee, hee

  2. I love white rooms!! Too much colour frazzles me, but to some people it is an expression of who they are!!

  3. I do like white rooms very much, although I think sometimes they can look bland. I confess I am not very confident with colour, but that is not a problem as I am married to an Interior Designer!

  4. Do you have a Facebook Page or Pinterest Profile? Love your ideas would really enjoy following you!