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June 4, 2012

Let's roll up our sleeves and tackle this Monday

Mamaw Parkhill had a quote for every occasion and today's nugget of inspiration is, "Inactivity
breeds inactivity."  Apparently, these re-doers agree:

1.  Start with an outdated dresser that's seen better days.

2.  Sand, prime and paint.

3.  Using an overhead projector, trace a pattern
across one end and fill in with acrylic craft paint.

4.  Voile:

This next nautical project will have you saying, "SO cute!"

Got a funky, old campaign-type chest?  Revive it with a little color:
The Turquoise Iris

You know that thrift shops are teeming with abandoned chests of drawers like this one:
I would probably have left this stacked chest in
it's natural state and changed the hardware:

As darling as it is now, I'd still probably change the hardware:

You have the power to turn "blah" . . . . . . .

What little race fan wouldn't love to have this mechanic's toolbox in their bedroom?!

The pulls on this next chest immediately grabbed my attention:
Make, bake and love!

Beautiful, bruised old pieces can often be too 'far gone' to restore:

Again, sanding and painting gives this dresser a new life
as a sideboard or even as a changing table in a nursery: 

It takes vision to imagine this tired, out-dated chest as a chic, retro piece:

Today's final Before and After was 65 years in the making:

Wow, what stamina and endurance.
Mondays don't seem so hard, afterall!

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  1. I love your blog - just stumbled across it, the way we do when looking for something totally unrelated..... I've looked through dozens of posts and love them all, but really, really love the photos above of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. Beautiful and touching.