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June 8, 2012

Happy 200th posting to me!

200 postings?     fleaChic has 200 postings?!  
thousands of photos?  Yes!

If I were to have a cake celebrating this momentous landmark it would definitely be a topsy-turvy one.  Or, a broken down piece of furniture.

Seriously, what started out as self-imposed writing therapy has turned
into a creative outlet that's really been a lot of fun.  Special thanks to
friends and family who have shared the adventure with me.

Enough celebrating, let's get down to some serious Befores & Afters:

 While this dining room is definitely acceptable, it's a little dated.

What a peaceful, updated setting.  The only change I would make
would be to distress-paint the furniture and upholster the chairs.

 We all have stared at a blank wall and prayed for inspiration.

Darling decor for that hard-to-please 10 year old!

Oh, my.  This particle board entertainment center was - how do I say this?   Lacking?  Ordinary?  Common?

Not any longer!

These homeowners daringly chose to remove the upper kitchen cabinets to give an illusion
of more space.  They also used glass shelving to add a more sophisticated touch:

Thrift Store Find of the Week:

You're right - script fabric is trendy but, oh, so refreshing!

And you thought grandpa's favorite chair was beyond salvation:

The guest bath, below, was acceptable but a little ordinary:


Moving Forward

LOVE the tile work.

Does your sewing room need a little perk-me-up?

 The frame of this Empire chair was in great shape, it just need to be upholstered:

Even a little back alley apartment building can be transformed with paint and imagination:

 Thanks for visiting today.  Have a great weekend.


  1. Wow! that is some fab before and afters! I really liked the chair redos.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. That is interesting how they removed the kitchen cabinets to make it more roomy. I have not seen that done before. Love the thrift store couch.

  3. Oh I love the script couch! What was the name of the fabric you used. Also what is the paint color that you used to refinish the entertainment center?