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June 15, 2012

Attack the Weekend!

Yes, it would be easy to just enjoy the beautiful outdoors this weekend, hiking, biking, swimming.
But you have bigger plans for more productive activities than just having fun.  You are

The Weekend Makeover Warrior!

To get you started here are some motivational Before & After photos:

It's actually painful to view the 'before' photo of this lovely old chair.
This is why I love rehabbers.


Do you have a fireplace and shelves that need updating?
Consider stone for a more contemporary look:

Classic design.  And I'm liking the no-mantel approach.

The dated lamps, below, really 'shine' with their new painted glass treatment:


Mantel makeovers can be BIG, messy affairs that often
keep your living room or den in a turmoil for weeks:

Oh, but they're SO worth it!

I'll admit that this next repurposing project had me stumped at first.  It involved taking miscellaneous
drawers and file boxes and combining them into one organizer's dream:

This poor desk was headed to the dump.  Megan and Chris, two sassy Aussie lasses of
Meg & Mumstook pity and attempted to salvage it:

LOVE the 'salute' to the British flag!

The girls also found this console that was missing the glass tiles on top.
It had been drastically discounted and was ripe for picking:

New tiles, new paint treatment, new life!

You know that I'm normally all about salvaging the original stained treatment for
antique pieces but this charming rehab might change my mind:

Vintage television cabinets are coming harder and harder to find.  When you're lucky enough to
come across one it's usually in pretty rough shape.  Adam Capone found one that he converted
to a bar - love the chopping block on top.
Michelle at Innovative Interior has a great term for what fleaChic is all about - Thrift Love!
She really shows it in this Before & After project:

These 1930s end tables had quite a bit of laminate damage but
sanding, patching, and painting have given them a whole new life.

Even though there's no 'before' photo, I wanted you to see the
incredible MidCentury chairs that Michelle found for $30:



A paint treatment transformed this side table and highlighted the beautiful woodwork.

While Duncan Phyfe is definitely not everyone's cup of tea,
the white and red paint treatment emphasizes the beautiful
silhouette shape of this vintage pedestal table.

Pinterest Love Affair

The cutest blogging couple on the 'net is Layla and Kevin of The Lettered Cottage.
Here is an incredible room makeover they recently featured:

And our last Motivational Makeover of the Day:


Hee, hee.   Love the Donald Trump Comb-over!
Have an awesome weekend.


  1. Great post ! Might get my behind off the sofa right now !x

  2. You have an amazing blog - I LOVE it.

  3. Hello, I just saw that you became my newest follower. I want to say thank you and welcome. I love making new friends and have so much fun sharing ideas back and forth with them. I see that you are from Central Florida. My brother and sister-in-law live in Central Florida, just south of Okeechobee. We visited in February and he took us out in his fishing boat to see the alligators. We got within 10 feet of a gator that was as long as our boat. AND WE ARE STILL ALIVE!!! I have photos of this trip, on one of my travel posts. Thank you again for joining my crew, I will be hitting the follow button and following you as soon as I finish this comment. Have a wonderful day, Connie :)

    1. Hi, Connie. Yes, we're in Alligator Alley - about 30 miles north west of Orlando. We live on a chain of lakes that eventually empties out into the Atlantic Ocean and even have a little baby 'gator who thinks our dock is his home. They're cute when they're small but as they grow, so do their appetites for the neighborhood cats and dogs, yikes. We're in the Blog Equal Admiration Society - it's so much fun and great writing therapy. Appreciate your comments!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog today and all I can say is WOW!! What amazing makeovers! I've never been so motivated to finally paint my Duncan Phyfe table and chairs!! Not to mention all the other pieces I want to 'salvage' and repaint! I love what was done with the Duncan chairs above. I never would have thought to paint the inside a little different color but that looks amazing!! I'm a new fan and follower of your amazing blog. Thanks so much for sharing all these great photos!