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June 28, 2012

When I view interesting and beautiful decorating schemes one of the first things
that goes through my mind is, "Could I do that?"   The second thing is, "Can
Lynn come over and help me move the furniture?"

One thing I know from years of obsessing (there really is no other word) about
decor: always have a partner in crime, a girlfriend you can bounce ideas off of
and who usually goes along with your crazy great ideas.

What I love about this room:  the totally unexpected Hepplewhite dresser.
It balances out the bookcase and, painted the same color as the wall,
seamlessly blends into the overall decor.  Stunning.

This ensemble is eye catching mainly due to the backdrop of eclectic
prints and photographs.  The neutral palate emphasizes the ochre and
umber accessories and the organization is stellar (as is that incredible table). 

Cosmopolitan Homes
I have to say - this design is my favorite.  Because?  I, too, have a
grand piano (which can be a beast to decorate around) and I'm
completely entranced by the painting and the mixture of styles.

beau lifestyle
An ordinary enclosed porch?  I think not.  The aged leather and fabric sofa,
the antique chest used as a coffee table, the slip covered chairs - manly, yet
charming.  Plus I'm a fool for painted paneling.  The only change I would
make is to add a muted fabric valance to 'soften' up the room a teeny bit.

Again, a beautiful piano.  IF I had one improvement (at least for
my house) it would be to use a print on the two fabric sofas.  It's
little monochromatic for my taste but the coffered ceiling is fabulous.

I am a HUGE fan of Phoebe Howard.  Her designs are flawless, realistic,
and inviting.  These two photos are trademarks of her sense of balance and calm,
uncluttered approach to decorating.  Everything item in this room is necessary.

Phoebe Howard

Not many of us would consider the color brown in a nautical theme.
The sepia tones are unexpected and thoroughly charming:
IF when I ever win the Lottery, the first call I'm going to make is to
Donna Gillespie who tormented me in 5th grade ("ha, ha, *itch!") then
to Phoebe Howard.  Seriously.

Here's another neutral palate but one that packs a quiet
punch.  The gold mirrors and print frames are the perfect
compliment to the overall scheme.  Though a myriad of
shapes dominate this room, it's harmonious and charming.

Verdigris Vie
Crisp, cool, and sophisticated - this reading corner is
subtle and serene, the perfect setting to curl up with  
your favorite book.  The surprising contemporary floor
lamps are unobtrusive and functional.

Vintage accessories set the tone of this quiet, yet
eclectic, setting.  Simple, rustic elegance.

How would I describe the room below?  Handsome.
This photo shows us that older, low-ceiling homes can be
beautiful, too.  (The only person I know who doesn't covet
high ceilings is my Mother - she's 4'10" so every ceiling
seems high to her.)

heartbeat oz

Is that another grand piano I spy in the bay window?!
The angle of this photograph makes me feel as
if I'm actually inside this beautiful home, not just
looking at a picture.

eclectic revisited
Sparse, understated refinement.  (Sigh.)

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  1. That's some inspiration you got going on. Love something about each one.