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June 19, 2012

Repurposing is so Cool!

We have so many reasons to repurpose - it makes sense financially, environmentally, and spiritually.
And, you just feel good when you do it!

I spy with my little eye some repurposing in the kitchen at funky junk interiors.
Absolutely love the vintage tool box with the drill handle.  And those coffee bean
burlap sack shades are fab.  

Here's another clever repurposing idea for a tool box:

Yes, this wrought iron bird house was sanitized before
being turned into a pot hanger.  Isn't it darling?

I'm a fool for reconstructing and reusing pallets.
Isn't this primitive kitchen island awesome?

Have you ever considered repurposing a corner?!

How cool is this idea for a feeding and watering station?
Doggie treats, leashes, and supplies are stored in the top.

When it comes to herb planters, think outside the box book:

Okay, you know how you find silver plated chafing dishes at just
about every thrift store you visit but often the glass tray is missing?
Turn them into spice racks:

Ever run across a dresser or buffet with damaged or broken legs? 
Don't pass it up - simply remove the legs and turn it into a bench.

Want a cute lighting fixture for very little cash?  
All you need are doilies, dye, starch, and a balloon.
Yes, a balloon!  (And a pin.)



Many thrift stores still sell hand-
crocheted doilies for around a
dollar.  How clever.

  I love crusty old ladders.  Don't you?

Even though there's no 'before' photo (yes, I accidentally deleted it)
you know what this entertainment center looked like before it was revamped.

Decks aren't the only things you can weather-proof:

I hope these imaginative projects inspire you to repurpose, recycle,
and have some fun.  Your friends are going to think you're so clever!


  1. The puppy nook and dresser turned feeding station are such brilliant ideas! Can you tell my pooches run my life? Great post :)

  2. great pics, wonderful ideas! @nne

  3. Some of these ideas are absolute genius. I especially like the dog feeding station and the bench ideas.