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June 18, 2014

While antique and vintage advertisements are wildly collectible, the most highly prized items of the genre are those that are deemed too controversial or politically incorrect by today's standards.
It would be extremely difficult for advertising executives from the past to get some of these campaigns approved today.
Between 1880 and 1920 groups that were opposed to women getting the right to vote created campaigns that featured hen-pecked husbands in an effort to sway male votes:

While a toy machine gun was on most young boys' Christmas Wish List in the past, most parents today don't look favorably on such a realistic Toy of Mass Destruction:

In the early 1950s, a magazine cover featuring the
word Lesbian was considered extremely risque:
Today that makes the issue even more collectible!

The best women are rich and thin?!  Makes you
wonder how far we've progressed since the 1970s.

Sooooo . . .  cigarettes were suppose to be better
because they were toasted like a potato?  What?

Ronald Reagan endorsed Chesterfield cigarettes before he was
the Governor of California and long before he was the President.

Lucille Ball endorsements that were made before she became
famous for her portrayal of Lucy Ricardo are more valuable than
the endorsements she made afterward.

This ad might be my favorite:
 Adds a whole new meaning to clipping coupons.

If only it were that easy.

This ad would create a furor today:
10 year old girls are suppose to be sexy?  No.

In the early 1960s, anything associated with
the space program was considered marketable:

These didn't stick around long - probably
because they were death traps!  Kind of
reminds me of a hamster wheel.


Wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels:

"Women are soft and gentle but they hit things"
How in this world did Volkswagen ever stay in business?!

Sure, I want to climb out the window in order to clean it - especially from the 3rd floor.  Notice the "An Ideal Gift" tag?  Yes, every woman wants a window washing device as a gift.  This ad obviously came out before women became part of the advertising industry work force

The only thing that would be more collectible than these types of advertisements would be the actual product being marketed.  Admit it - you would love to have an adult size Space Trainer.


  1. How very interesting and that window washer thing OMGosh LOL

  2. How funny, the window washer ad is. I must have one !
    My father smoked Chesterfields.
    I remember (old so old) when the word Gay = something happy, lighthearted and carefree.
    But now when you type the word in, the word comes up homosexual first.
    So interesting that in my life time the whole definition of a word can change meaning.
    Does anyone remember the Ginger Rogers Fred Astaire movie The Gay Divorcee ?

    Great post again today.
    cheers, parsnip

  3. I really enjoyed this post. All your posts are great!