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June 27, 2014

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  I hope your weather isn't too hot or too wet or too dry.  But, before we start partying let's close out a fleaChic week with some Before and After project photos.

I was a little surprised that this kitchen was
considered as being in before condition:

New paint, new hardware and new lights
completely transformed it:
 Not sure I'm a fan of the floor, though.  Seems a little loud.

This small kitchen really packs a punch after its renovation:
Before                                    After
LOVE the stone wall, don't you?

I can't figure out what the owners did to the ceiling but
now it looks as amazing as the rest of the kitchen:

A dated kitchen received a beautiful makeover:

A plain attic kitchen is now sleek and sophisticated.
Painting the cabinets white and replacing the laminate
flooring with hardwood gave this kitchen a classic look:

Enough gorgeous kitchens.  Let's look at some "weekend-able"
projects that any of us could do in a couple of days:

I'm completely captivated by this coffee table makeover.
Notice the little bird drawer pull in the after photo?  Cute.

A pitiful Mid-Century Modern dresser was
given an extended, useful life:

The bottom drawer was missing from this old dresser:
The solution?  By removing the top drawers to store the dvd player
and cable box the owners were able to use one of the drawers to
replace the missing bottom one.  Great repurposing!

An old desk was turned into . . . . .
. . . . . a beautiful sewing table.

A yard sale dresser mirror was transformed
into a charming chalkboard.
Isn't this an adorable idea?

A $10 thrift store find is now a priceless treasure:
  Imagination is the most important tool in your workshop!

Have a great weekend, friends, and keep an eye
out for a before piece of your own to renovate. 

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