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June 19, 2014

Coca-Cola has quietly begun test marketing a new semi-diet soft drink: Coca-Cola Life.  What makes it different from regular Diet Coke or Coke Zero?  It contains almost half the amount of sugar - but still over 4 Tablespoons, i.e., 89 calories per can - and no artificial sweetener.
For the last 10 years soft drink sales have steadily declined.  The result?  Coca-Cola has launched a $1 BILLION advertising campaign to lure customers back to their products.
Hopefully, CocaCola Life won't become another
Coke product debacle like these past losers: 
In the 1970s CocaCola Blak was produced
with an extra kick of caffeine. 

In an effort to lure men to the diet soft drink craze Coca-Cola thought
that using bacon flavoring would do the trick.  One word:  BaaaHaaHaaa!

Don't you know that the citrus industry laughed when
this imitation orange flavored soft drink failed? 

Coke Fail.  Lesson learned:  don't mess with perfection.
So, what do we collectors have to gain from Coca-Cola's latest endeavor?  If CocaCola Life fails it will become collectible; if it succeeds, the first bottling will have an expiration date which authenticates it which makes it collectible.  Win/Win!

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  1. I have to admit liking an iced cold Coke or Diet coke - even though they are not good for me. I am curious about the new one but tend to agree with you - don't mess with perfection.