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April 25, 2014

Oh, my gosh, it's been 2 weeks since fleaChic has featured
Before & After projects.  Better correct that right now!

Dark painted molding made this room look boxy and small:
Young House Love
Stunning!  What a difference.

Here's another amazing home office makeover:

 Bower Power
Wouldn't it be wonderful to work in such an elegant office?

Yikes!  This laundry room was in desperate need of a makeover
and Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook gave it one:


 Little Green Notebook
I love everything about this makeover.  Great job, Jenny!

A few cans of paint dramatically changed this kitchen:

Nicole Faby Photography
The kitchen looks so much happier now, doesn't it?

This is one of the best kitchen makeovers I've ever seen:

Design, Life, Kids
Opening up the back wall between the kitchen and the formal
dining room completely changed the dynamic of this space.

A foyer sets the tone of a house and this
makeover makes a welcoming statement:
Heather Cooper Designs
I appreciate the modern light fixture but I kind of like the old chandelier better.

What can you do with a tiny 12' x 7' bedroom?

Create an amazing desk and loft space:

Benjamin Marcus
What 'tween wouldn't love to have a room like this?

Aren't attic spaces intriguing?

Country Living

Both rooms of the attic looked like the photo below.

One room was decorated for the owners' granddaughters, left, and the other
room was decorated for the grandsons.  I guess there was no other way to
configure the twin beds but I wish they hadn't covered up the windows.

I adore cubby holes and little crannies especially if they have a window:

What a wonderful closet update.

Look what you can do with a thrift store dresser:
Thrifty and Chic
Great idea, isn't it?  Click here for the tutorial on
how to convert a dresser into a desk/work station.

Okay.  We all know that the basement is
the least respected room in the house.

Electronic House
Golly, Wally!  What an incredible home theatre. There
really aren't enough superlatives to describe this basement.

I.  Love.  Organization.
Garage Tek
So, obviously, I'm crushing on this garage transformation!

Most of today's projects took more than a few days to complete
but this last transformation is "weekend do-able:"
Centsational Girl
What a perfect example of turning a flea market
bargain into a darling addition to your home.

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope these inspiring Before & After
project photos inspire you to undertake a makeover of your own.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Amazing befores and afters....some are hard to believe. I wish there was a "after" for my is still in the 70's hahhahaha. Maybe someday I will paint the cabinets white, the walls yellow.......would love to pick up the ugly floor, there probably is a beautiful wood floor under there......oh well, I shall keep on dreaming.

    1. It's definitely a process. We're putting off our kitchen renovation til next year and, frankly, I dread it. We're thinking about painting our cabinets but we might just stain them a mahogany color. In the mean time I'm gathering inspiration photos so who knows? In a year I might just like them the way they are! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my, there are some amazing transformations....kitchens, bedrooms, old dresser, wow! I love all the inspiration you post, Jan.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. So glad you like them - Before & After projects are my favorite topic.

  3. Love the fresh makeovers. Makes me want to get busy with my house. Been putting it off.

    1. Yes, procrastination seems to be the theme of the day at our house. We've made so many Big Pushes to get renovations done on Miss Money Pitt that we're got Makeover Fatigue! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great weekend.

  4. So glad to find your blog. I've enjoyed looking at these makeovers. Sure makes me want to change some things here. I totally agree with you about the covered windows in those sweet attic rooms, and I also like the old chandelier in the foyer better.