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April 4, 2014

Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiidays are my favorites at fleaChic
Why?  Because on Fridays we get to share
awesome Before and After projects.

What better place to start today's post than at the front door?

Look what a difference a little paint made in the entry:

 And a $2 can of spray paint gave new life to this Goodwill gem.

The wall paint really adds some interest
to this loft, doesn't it?
Placing the desk under the stairs is a great idea.

These next two renovations are almost unbelievable:



Amazing, aren't they?

Brace yourself - you're not going to believe
what this traditional kitchen turned into:

I know!  Here's an enlargement just so you
can see it's wonderfulness in full bloom:

Goodbye, Nirvana-inspired college lifestyle.
Hello, Adulthood!
Before Graduation                                 After Graduation

So much potential:

It looks so much more elegant now, doesn't it?

Even though we spend a lot of time in it, the laundry room
is usually the last area of the house to get a makeover:

A condo's unused guest room was converted into . . . . .

. . . . . an amazing media room:
Home Trend Design

The same condo's living room wall was
taken out to create an open floor plan:

The paneling and dark wood made this
tiny kitchen appear even smaller:
So much more inviting now.

 Smaller furniture gives balance to this room:
Before                                                       After

Believe it or not, the only thing the homeowners
changed was the ceiling light fixture:
Looks like a completely different kitchen.
(Actually, they changed out the faucet, too!)

A basement apartment kitchen went from dreary to fab:

Another kitchen miracle:

I.  Adore.  This.  Makeover.

Enough beautiful kitchens.  Let's move on.

A Toronto home was staged with appealing results: 

Starting with a bare room and a blank
wall can be daunting:
Before                                                         After
From empty to charming!

 The living room, below, had so much potential:

The Wow Factor was achieved by opening up the doorway to
the kitchen and the paint accentuates the incredible molding.

The homeowners kept the dining room furniture
but updated with paint and fabrics:
Love the chair rail and that gorgeous mirror!

 Check out this amazing office makeover:

Isn't this an inspiring transformation?

I hope today's projects motivate you to tackle some projects you've been
putting off.  The hardest part of any job can be just getting started!

Have a great Weekend.


  1. Before and after pictures are so fun to look at, but sometimes hard to believe it is the same room. Goes to show what a little elbow grease and $$$$ can do. Have a great day.

  2. I love the before and afters :)

  3. Great make overs! And so many...I just might have to start in here and do something fun. Have a great weekend!

  4. So much inspiration! Getting me thinking!

  5. I love before and afters.
    Great post today.

    cheers, parsnip

  6. I always look forward to your Friday posts.

  7. I love to see before and after photos. There are some great ideas here.