Visit our Online Flea Market!

March 5, 2015

What are there tons of at thrift shops and flea markets?
(Hint:  You sit on them.)

That's right - Chairs!

And what can you do with single chairs?
Paint them!

Hand painted chairs sell for up to $300 - yikes!
Coloring books are full of whimsical illustrations
that can be traced onto chairs and then painted.

Take up a paint brush and have some fun.  Who
knows?  You might just find your hidden artist!


  1. Some really gaudy chairs there, but also some great pieces to read.


  2. I like the cake on. the heart one, the Cherry with black and white dots border and the Peace one. Most of them are fun.

  3. They would look beautiful in the garden, I'll have to think how to seal them.

  4. I love doing these kind of projects.

  5. oh I like all those chairs however since it doesn't look like a one day job I won't be doing that . I can only handle instate gratification painting jobs LOL