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March 25, 2015

We're shakin' things up with a Before & After Wednesday.
Settle down now.  Change can be a good thing.

Check out the incredible changes to these homes that were updated
with veneer stone or brick pavers.  You're gonna' be impressed.

Before             After

 Interior wall before:

Interior wall after:

Boring dining room wall before:
 Same wall after:
Wow.  Simply wow.  Great pattern.

Brick veneers gave this staircase a contemporary loft look:

And stone veneer made a dramatic difference to this staircase:

A basement accent wall was improved with faux stone:

Kitchen island:
It's almost impossible to believe that
these photos are of the same kitchen:

The photos were taken from different angles but if you
look at the position of the sink you'll see that it is indeed
the same kitchen.  Love the brick veneer wall!

Take a look at the improvement pavers can make to a fireplace:
Before                 After

Fireplace before:
 Fireplace after:

Fireplace before:
 Fireplace after:

Consider updating an older tub:

Click here for the brilliant tutorial.

Brick and stone pavers can improve
the curb appeal of almost any house:

I hope these projects perked up your Wednesday.  It's fun to shake things up!


  1. There wasn't one that I didn't like!
    Who would of thought that some "fake" stones would change a home so much!
    This I want to do! NOW!!!

  2. This isn't even expensive considering the difference it makes. I did a fake brick backsplash on my last kitchen and it made a big difference! The house sold and I got a good price! great post as usual.