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March 12, 2015

A Lesson About Crows

Every morning a young girl feeds crows in her yard.  In return
they leave her 'gifts' they find.  Here is her collection:

The crow has its own interesting life.  Every day he goes
about his business but when he spots a 'treasure' he thinks, "This
will show my gratitude to that nice girl who feeds me."

The young girl displays the collection to educate people about the
politeness of crows and the importance of showing gratitude.  What
an interesting story she'll have to tell her grandchildren.


  1. We have three crows that have been around for years!
    I make sure that their bird bath is full. The only things they leave me are chicken bones and soggy bread.
    I think I'll look more closely.

  2. How very Interesting, I feed my squirrels and red birds however no gifts for me LOL

  3. That is really interesting - who would have thought it. Not such bird brains after all!


  4. Look at the great finds! Smart bird.

  5. I saw the whole post on this and it was fabulous.
    The mother lost the lens cap to her camera when she was in the alley way.
    Later she looked out the window and saw a crow walk in the yard
    fly up and dip the cap in the water dish then leave it on the table for her.
    Isn't that amazing.

    cheers, parsnip