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November 24, 2015

Just because you're 'of a certain age' doesn't mean you don't keep up with
contemporary music.  That being said, yes, I've familiar with One Direction.
But, no, I can't name any of them except that nice young Harry Styles.
Harry is the one on the right in the adorable print suit attending the
American Music Awards.  I don't know if his stylist was going for
'adorable' but if they were, they nailed it.  (Actually, he looks just
like one of my grandsons, Matthew.)

I found several black and white floral fabric
patterns online that closely match Harry's suit:

Following the AMA show Harry and the group appeared
on the JimmyKimmel show and he carried the floral
pattern forward in his peg pants.  So cute!

I honestly don't know much about Harry's music but I genuinely adore his Style!